Michael Jacob-Francis aka Mikey (hardhitter_nj) wrote,
Michael Jacob-Francis aka Mikey

For 1st_of_the200

Men's retreat: Labor Day Weekend: Day 1

It had surprised Michael just how much Maggie had settled down this year. Sure, she still worked in casinos thinking she brought luck, but she also held down two other part timing gigs that netted a healthy egg nest for her. That was good, for the way it was going, it looked like she would never want to marry anyone. It was a disappointment to their parents, but they would get over it. That was, they would have gotten over it, until they learned he wanted to be a priest.

Now they would never have grandchildren. Well, not legitimate ones because Maggie swore she would never marry - not even for that. He smiled at her as she helped him pack his bags into his nicely used, beat up  Chevy Truck  so early in the morning when she could be sleeping.

Taking on a passenger after stopping at the Church,  he drive off at the safest speed possible, making it to the Lodge in good time. Finally, he had been waiting for this retreat for weeks. Just those considering entering the service, complete with sermons and classes, as well as a lot of prayer and contemplation.   With twenty three capacity,  all paying just about a hundred, it would be a blast! 

By the time the first half of the day was over, there had already been two lectures and three prayer sessions. It was free time after lunch for about an hour - he chose to take his best shot at getting to one of the benches near the crucifixion statue in the gardens.

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